Reviews V


V2 – Showdown

Vago Sagrado – Vago Sagrado

Steve Vai – Modern Primitive / Passion And Warfare 25th Anniv. Ed. #TotW

Steve Vai – Stillness In Motion

VAK – Budo

Valleyforge – Live And Session Tapes

Valley Of The Sun – Old Gods

Valse Noot – Utter Contempt

Vandemonian – Xenophilia

Vanden Plas – Beyond Daylight

Vanden Plas – Christ.0

Vanden Plas – Chronicles Of The Immortals – Netherworld Part I

Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening

Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment: Illumination

Vanden Plas – The Seraphic Clockwork

Van der Graaf Generator – A Grounding In Numbers

Van der Graaf Generator – Godbluff / Still Life

Van der Graaf Generator – Live At Rockpalast – Leverkusen 2005

Van der Graaf Generator – Merlin Atmos

Van der Graaf Generator – Present

Van der Graaf Generator – Real Time

Van der Graaf Generator – The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other / H To He, Who Am The Only One / Pawn Hearts

Van der Graaf Generator – Trisector

Van der Graaf Generator – World Record / The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome / Vital Live

Vanderson – Earth Moving

Vanderson – Music In My Mind

Vanderson featuring Lambert – Sequenced Thoughts

Vandertop – Best On Tour 76

Vandertop – Paris 76

Van Groover – Honk If Parts Fall Off

Vanish – The Insanity Abstract

Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium

Dominique Vantomme feat. Tony Levin, Michel Delville – Vegir

Vapourspace – Sonic Residue From

János Varga Project – The Wings Of Revelation II

Vargton Projekt – ProgXpriMetal

Variant – Beyond Jargon

Various Artists – 50 Jahre Planetenmodell Hagen

Various Artists – Allein und Gemeinsam – Deutsche Rock-Helden auf hr3-Rebell Tour

Various Artists – A Tribute To Keith Emerson & Greg Lake

Various Artists – Burg Herzberg Festival – Electric Milkandhoneyland

Various Artists – Canossa Rock Opera

Various Artists – Decameron, Ten Days In 100 Novellas – Part III

Various Artists – Drum Nation – Volume 2

Various Artists – Fanfare For The Uncommon Man – The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert

Various Artists – Fluorscent Tunnelvison

Various Artists – Heavy Psych Sounds Records Compilation 041

Various Artists – Hur! Hommage à la musique de Christian Vander

Various Artists – Jazzkraut – Teutonal Jazz Rock Excursions

Various Artists – Kissing Sounds – There is more

Various Artists – Live At Hof Huhnstadt / 36287 Breitenbach

Various Artists – More Relics – Tribute To Pink Floyd

Various Artists – One More Red Nightmare – A Tribute To King Crimson

Various Artists – Pigs And Pyramids – An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd

Various Artists – Polish Art Rock Vol.1-3

Various Artists – Prog Exhibition

Various Artists – ProgFever Vol.1

Various Artists – Progressive Rock Covers

Various Artists – Progressive Rock For You Volume 1

Various Artists – Prog Rocks Volume Two

Various Artists – Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth

Various Artists – Psychedelic Gems 6

Various Artists – Purgatorio 2

Various Artists – Son Of Kraut – The Next Generation Of Krautrock

Various Artists – Spaghetti Epic III

Various Artists – Spheric Music – Silver

Various Artists – Subdivisions – A Rush Tribute

Various Artists – Sunshine Of Your Love – A Concert For Jack Bruce #TotW

Various Artists – Syntonic Waves Vol.9

Various Artists – The Brain Box – Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records 1972-1979

Various Artists – The December People – Sounds Like Christmas

Various Artists – The New Generation Of Turkish Psychedelic Vol. I

Various Artists – Tribut an Ougenweide

Various Artists – Tripwave 2

Various Artists – Tuonen Tytär II

Various Artists – Yesterday And Today (A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes) – Dave Kerzner & Fernando Perdomo

Mike Varney Project – Truth In Shredding

Vast – Nude

Vaulting – Nucleus

VAyL – Eclipse The Sun

Vecteur K – Incident Au Café

Vecteur K – La Peur Du Désert

Veda – Mental Pabulum

Csaba Vedres És A Kairosz Kvartett – Áldott Id?

Veni Domine – The Album Of Labour

Vennart – In The Dead, Dead Wood

Vennart – The Demon Joke

Cyrille Verdeaux – Nocturnes Digitales / Journey To Tantraland

Vermillion Skye – Security Theater

Verspielte Zeit – Das ist die Frage

Versus the Obsidian Octopus – Versus the Obsidian Octopus

Versus X – Live At The Spirit

Versus X – Primordial Ocean

Vertical Alignment – Signposts

Verulium – Herald The New Age

The Verve – Urban Hymns (20th Anniversary Edition)

Pierre Vervloesem – Grosso Modo

Pierre Vervloesem – Not Even Close

Pierre Vervloesem – Rude

Pierre Vervloesem – Silence Science

Vespero – The Four Zoas

Vestamaran – Bungalow Rex

Vestindien – Null

Vexed – Culling Culture

Claire Vezina – Cyber Neptune

Vialka – La Poursuite De L’Excellence

Vibravoid – Burg Herzberg Festival 2010

Vibravoid – Burg Herzberg Festival 2011

Vibravoid – Gravity Zero

Vibravoid – Minddrugs

The Vicious Head Society – Extinction Level Event

Vicious Mary – Vicious Mary

Victor’s Rampage – Infinite Elbow

Vidunder – Oracles And Prophets

Vienna Circle – White Clouds

Viima – Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta

Viima – Kaden Kuun Sirpit

VIII Strada – Babylon

VIII Strada – La Leggenda Della Grande Porta

Villagers Of Ioannina City – Age Of Aquarius

Villebråd – Alla Är Här Utom Jag

Villebråd – Ultrarapid

Richard Vimal – Aquarythmies

Vincent – Hip Today?

Vinegar – Vinegar

Violent Attitude If Noticed (V.A.I.N.) – Ourselves and Otherwise

Violent Silence – A Broken Truce

Violent Silence – Kinetic

Violent Silence – Twilight Furies

Violent Silence – Violent Silence

Violeta De Outono – Volume 7

Violette Sounds – Feelin‘ Inside

Violette Sounds – Wild And Blue

Virgo – Virgo

Viriditas – Red Mars

VirtueL – Conception Of Perception

Visible Breath – Tropospheric

Visible Wind – Barb-a-baal-a-loo

Vinsta – Drei Deita

Visionist – A Call To Arms

Vision Scope – World’s Requiem

The Vital Might – Red Planet

Vitja – Digital Love

Vitral – Entre As Estrelas

Vitriol – Into The Silence I Sink

Vitruvius – Vitruvius I

Vitskär Süden – Vitskär Süden

Viuda Negra – El Final Del Silencio

Vivahead – Slug

Vlad V – Vol.IV

VLY – I / [Time]

Voay – Cyclogenesis

Voices From The Fuselage – Odyssey, Destroyer Of Worlds

The Void’s Last Stand – A Sun By Rising Set

The Void’s Last Stand – Rakash

Vokonis – Grasping Time

VOLA – Applause Of A Distant Crowd

VOLA – Inmazes

VOLA – Witness

Volaré – Memoirs…

Michael Völkel – Offbeats

Volto! – Incitare

Volvopenta – Simulacrum

Volvopenta – Yoshiwara

Volvox – Universo Expandido

Vonassi – The Battle Of Ego

Von Frickle – Mission 4.9 / Arrhythmia

Von Haulshoven – Der Weg des Geistes

Von Haulshoven – Kiko And The Ancient Astronaut

Von Haulshoven – Schimmige Beelden

Anna von Hausswolff – All Thoughts Fly

Anna von Hausswolff – Ceremony

Anna von Hausswolff – Dead Magic

Anna von Hausswolff – The Miraculous

Von Hertzen Brothers – War Is Over

Achim Von Horn – Nice To Meet Ya

Votum – Metafiction

Votum – Time Must Have A Stop

VOVK – Lair

The Vow – Devil In Disguise

The Vow – Trojan

Vox Dei – La Biblia

Voyager – Colours In The Sun

Voyager – Element V

Voyager – Univers

Voyager IV – Pictures At An Exhibition

Rene de Vreng – Pandora

Vsitor – Keep On Running

VUG – Onyx

VUG – s/t

Vulgar Unicorn / Persona Non Grata – The Fine Art Of Living

VUUR – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities

Vvlva – 13. Winter

Vvlva – Path of Virtue

Vvlva – Silhouettes

VvvV – The Wreck