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Eine vollständigere Übersicht als die Untenstehende zu anstehenden Prog-Releases gibt es übrigens hier, eine kommentierte und mit Beispielen versehene allmonatlich in der wohlbetreuten Facebook-Gruppe.

First Breath After Coma – Heavy (Radicalis, 01.03.; CA)
Henryk Górecki – Symphony No. 3 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs) (Domino Records, 29.03., GI)
Peter Hammill – Not Yet Not Now (8-CD-Box, 29.03.)
Hans Lundin – The Solo Years 1982-1989 (6-CD-Box, Tempus Fugit, 29.03.; JM)
Mothers Of Millions – Artifacts (ViciSolum Productions/Sound Pollution, 22.03.; KS)
Mt. Amber – Another Moon (JM)
Seims – 3.1 (29.03.; CA)
Devin Townsend – Empath (IOM / Sony Music, 29.03.; KS)
United Progressive Fraternity – Planetary Overload (29.03.)
Frank Zappa – Zappa in New York Box-Set (29.03.)

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso – Transiberiana (IOM / Sony Music, 26.04.)
Giancarlo Erra – Ends (Kscope, 12.04.; KS)

Lonely Robot – Under Stars (IOM / Sony Music, 26.04.)
Jordan Rudess – Wired For Madness (Music Theories Recordings, 19.04.; KS)
Town Portal – Of Violence (05.04.; CA)

Black Mountain – Destroyer (Dine Alone Records, 24.05.)
Gong – The Universe Also Collapses (Kscope, 10.05.)
Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill – In Amazonia (10.05.)
Bjørn Riis – A Storm Is Coming (Karisma, 03.05.)

+ Backkatalog:
The Antlers – Hospice (10 Year Anniversary 2LP) (DH)
Luis Francesco Arena – High Five (JM)
Autumn – Stacking Smoke (HR)
Baba Yoga – L’Uomo Progressivo (JM)
Breidablik – Nhoohr (JM)
Bubu – El Eco Del Sol (KS)
Celeste – Il Risveglio Del Principe (JM)
La Coscienza Di Zeno – Una Vita Migliore (JM)
The Cyberiam – The Cyberiam (JM)
Dreamwalkers Inc – First Re-Draft (JM)
The Emerald Dawn – Nocturne (JM)
Grand Tour – Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk) (HR)
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Out Of Mind (HR)
Head With Wings – Goodbye Sky (AI)
HeKz – Invicta (GI)
Michel Heroux – Now (JM)
I Am The Manic Whale – New Forms Of Life – Live At The Oakwood (JM)
In Continuum – Accelerated Theory (Part One: Aliena) (GI)
In Motion – Thriving Force (GI)
Karfagen – Echoes From Within Dragon Island (HR)
W. W. Lowman – This Form (JM)
On The Raw – Climbing The Air (JM)
Ovrfwrd – Blurring The Lines: A Democracy Manifest (JM)
Out Of Mind – Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate (HR)
John Rose – The Key (HR)
Science NV – The Quest For Prester John (JM)
Tempus Fugit – The Dawn After The Storm – Extended& Remastered Edition (JM)
The Universe By Ear – The Universe By Ear (JM)

Thema bemustert/angekündigt, Rezension geplant
In Klammern das Kürzel des Betreuenden Redakteurs, z.B. (AI – Andrew Ilms)
t.b.a. – to be announced
t.b.c. – to be confirmed