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Franck Carducci – The Answer Live (Eigenveröffentlichung/Just for Kicks, 26.05., KR)
Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius – Behind the Curtain – Live at ProgStock (Melodic Revolution Records, 19.05.2023, JM)
Godsticks – This Is What A Winner Looks Like (Kscope, 26.05., FF)
The Intersphere – Wanderer (Odyssey Music, 26.05.)
Jaaw – Supercluster (Svart Records, 26.05., FF)
Mesa Verde – Pickings For The Beast (Apollon Records, 12.05.)
Permanent Clear Light – Right As Rain (Sulatron/Broken Silence, 05.05., CA)
Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden (Spinefarm Records, 19.05., FF)
The Smashing Pumpkins: ATUM: A Rock Opera In Three Acts (Thirty Tigers, 05.05., FF)

Ray Alder – II (InsideOutMusic/Sony Music, 09.06.)
Black Sabbath – Live Evil Super Deluxe Edition (BMG, 02.06., SG)
Max Enix – Far From Home (Worm Hole Death, 09.06., MBü)
Extreme – Six (earMusic, 09.06., SG)
Lars Fredrik Frøislie – Fire Fortellinger (Karisma Records/Plastic Head, 02.06., HR)
Jegong – The Complex Between (Pelagic Records, 09.06., CA)
Kodiak Empire – The Great Acceleration (Bird’s Robe, 02.06., CA)
Motorpsycho – Yay! (Stickman Records, 15.06., MK)
OK Wait – Signal (Golden Antenna Records, 30.06., CA)
Einar Solberg – 16 (InsideOutMusic/Sony Music, 02.06., FF)
Tenhi – Valkama“ (Prophecy Productions/Soulfood, 09.06., CA)
Yawning Man – Long Walk of the Navajo (Heavy Psych Sounds, 16.06., CA)

The Gorge – Mechanical Fiction (Pelagic Records, 28.07., CA)
Jaye Jayle – Don’t Let Your Love Life Get You Down (Pelagic Records, 14.07., CA)
Voyager – Fearless In Love (Seaso Of Mist, 14.07., FF)

+ Backkatalog:
Amplifier – Hologram (Rockosmos/Just for Kicks, 14.04.23, FF)
Cede – Brewe – of Love, Triuth and Other Accidents (Eigenproduktion, 15.04.23, JM)
Dawnation – …Well for the Past (Eigenproduktion, 07.04.23, JM)
Downfall Of Gaia – Silhouettes of Disgust (Metal Blade Records, 17.03.23, FF)
Ellereve – Reminiscence (Eisenwald Record/Kontor, 31.03.23, FF)
Entheos – Time Will Take Us All (Metal Blade Records, 03.03.23, FF)
Gorod – The Orb (Eigenveröffentlichung, 10.03.23, FF)
Gravity Field – Disruption (Redphone Records, 21.03.2023, JM)
Hammock – Love In The Void (Hammock Music/Secretly, 27.01.23, FF)
The Devil’s Trade X John Cxnnor – Live at Roadburn (Pelagic Records, 21.04., CA)
Lesotho – Through the Dying Light (Eigenveröffenbtlichung, 07.04.23, FF)
Life On Mars – Shadows In A Jar (Unicorn/Cherry Red, 03.03.23, KR)
Magenta – Reaching For The Moon (Tigermoth/Just for Kicks, 07.04.23, JM)
David Maxim Micic – Bilo IV (Eigenveröffentlichung, 24.11.22, FF)
The Mars Volta – Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon (Clouds Hill Recordings, 21.04., FF)
MMXX – The Next Wave ( Candlelight Records, 14.04., FF)
Ne Obliviscaris – Exul (Season Of Mist, 24.03.23, FF)
Sound Of Smoke – Phases (Tonzonen/Soulfood, 1995/24.02.23, CA)
Stoned Jesus – Father Light (Season Of Mist, 03.03.23, FF)
Tribulation – Hematia (EP) (century Media/Sony Music, 07.04.23, FF)
Villagers Of Ioannina City – Through Space and Time (Alive in Athens 2020) (Napalm Records, 03.03.23, FF)
ZIO – Truewaves (Posh And Rock/Just for Kicks, 28.04.23, KR)

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