Reviews R


Ra – Rising

Ra – Wake

Trevor Rabin – Jacaranda

Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno – Il Pittore Volante

La Nuova Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno (RRR) – Live In Elba

Rachel’s Memory – Understated Drama

Das Rad – Adios Al Futuro

Radio Birds – Contemporary American Slang

Radiohead – Amnesiac

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool #TotW

Radiohead – Hail To The Thief

Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong – Live Recordings

Radiohead – In Rainbows

Radiohead – Ok Computer Oknotok (3LP Vinyl-Reissue)

Radiohead – The King Of Limbs

Radio Massacre International – Emissaries

Radio Massacre International – Rain Falls In Grey

Radio Massacre International – Time & Motion

Radio Moscow – Live at Rockpalast 2015

Radio Noisz Ensemble – Odiszée Parck

Rage – Resurrection Day

Råg I Ryggen – Råg I Ryggen

Ragnarök – Path

Rain – Cerulean Blue

Rain – Singularity

Rainbow Face – Stars’ Blood

Rainbow Serpent – The Sequel To Voyager

Rainbow Serpent – Voyager

Rain For A Day – Elemental

Rainy Season – Return

RAK – Lepidoptera

RAK – The Book Of Flight

Ram – Where? (In Conclusion)

[´ramp] – synchronize or die

Ramses – Control Me

Ram-Zet – Neutralized

Random Deeds – Basis Of Comparison

Random Touch – A Box And A Word / Duologue

Random Touch – Alchemy

Random Touch – A Parade Of Dusty Hobos

Random Touch – A True Conductor Wears A Man

Random Touch – A Way From The Heard

Random Touch – Hammering On Moonlight

Random Touch – Reverberating Appartus

Random Touch – The Elegance Of Falling

Random Touch – Turbulent Flesh

RanestRane – A Space Odyssey Part I Monolith

RanestRane – A Space Odyssey, Part Two H.A.L.

RanestRane – A Space Odyssey, Final Part Starchild

RanestRane – Nosferatu Il Vampiro

RanestRane – Shining

RanestRane – The Wall

Ranges – Babel

Rantama – Rantama

Greg Rapaport – Azrael Block

RAPTVRE – Feast Upon Their Flesh

RAPTVRE – Monuments Of Bitterness #TotW

Rare Bird – Rare Bird / As Your Mind Flies By

Rare Blend – Evolution Theory

Rare Blend – Sessions Live Recordings From Stage & Studio

Rare Blend – Stops Along The Way

Rascal Reporters – Ridin’ On A Bummer

Rascal Reporters – The Foul-Tempered Clavier

Rashomon – Ashcan Copy Film Music Vol. III

Rational Diet – On Phenomena And Existences

Rational Diet – Rational Diet

Rausch – Rausch

raven – The Night Is Dark, The Night Is Silent, The Night Is Bright, The Night Is Loud

Rayburn – Rayburn

Rayburn – Your Mind

Rick Ray – Existing Passages

Rick Ray – Guitarsonist

Rick Ray – Insanity Flies

Rick Ray – Manipulated D.N.A.

Rick Ray Band – Setlist

Razor Wire Shrine – Going Deaf For A Living

Razor Wire Shrine – The Power Of Negative Thinking

R.B.C. – R.B.C.

RC2 – Future Awaits

RC2 – RC2

Real Ax Band – Just Vibrations / Live At The Quartier Latin Berlin

Realisea – Mantelpiece

Realtime – Lights Of The Universe

The Reasoning – Dark Angel

The Reasoning – Live In The USA: The Bottle Of Gettysburg

The Rebel Wheel – Diagramma

The Rebel Wheel – We Are In The Time Of Evil Clocks

The Receiver – All Burn

Zózimo Rech – The Life Of A Star

Zózimo Rech – Pictures Of A Solar System

Re:Cooperation – TransCollaboration

Red Apollo – The Laurels Of Serenity

Red Bazar – Connections

Red Bazar – Inverted Reality

Red Bazar – Tales From The Bookcase

Redd – Tristes Noticias Del Imperio

Redd Land – De Tiempos Passados

Redemption – Alive In Color

Redemption – Redemption

Redemption – Snowfall On Judgement Day

Redemption – The Origins Of Ruin

Redemption – This Mortal Coil

Alec K. Redfearn And The Eyesores – The Quiet Room

Red Kite – Red Kite

The Red Masque – Feathers For Flesh

The Red Masque – Fossileyes

The Red Masque – Victoria And The Haruspex

Red Mess – Breathtaker

Red On – Drums

Red On – Metallic Blue (EP)

The Red Paintings – The Revolution Is Never Coming

Red Sand – Mirror Of Insanity

Red Sand – The Sound Of The Seventh Bell

Red Star Revolt – Red Star Revolt

The Redundant Rocker – Heart

The RedZen – Void

Alan Reed – Dancing With Ghosts

Alan Reed – First In A Field Of One

Alan Reed – Honey On The Razors Edge

Alan Reed & The Daughters Of Expediency – Live: From The Razor’s Edge

Robert Reed – Cursus 123 430

Robert Reed – Sanctuary

Robert Reed – Sanctuary III

Robert Reed – Sanctuary Live

Robert Reed – The Ringmaster: Part One

Robert Reed – The Ringmaster Part 2

Robert Reed – Variations On Themes By David Bedford

Robert Reed, Tom Newman, Les Penning – Theme From Doctor Who

Leander Reininghaus / Dirk Schlömer – Crazy Continuum

Reflection Club – Still Thick As A Brick

Reflections In Cosmo – Reflections In Cosmo

Reform – Reveries Of Reform

Refugee – Live in Concert / Newcastle City Hall 1974

Regal Worm – Neither Use Nor Ornamen

Regal Worm – Pig Views

Regal Worm – Use And Ornament

ReGenesis – Lamb For Supper Live 2001

A.R. & Machines (Achim Reichel) – The Art Of German Psychedelic (1970-74)

Curtis Reid – Omniumgahterum

Reign Of The Architect – Rise

Xavi Reija – The Sound Of The Earth

Jane Relf – The Complete Jane Relf Collection

Relayer – Façade

Release Music Orchestra – Bremen 1978

Relocator – Relocator

R.E.M. – New Adventures In Hi-Fi (Deluxe Edition)

Remanon – Episodes (EP)

Steve Howe’s Remedy – Elements

Renaissance – Academy Music 1974

Renaissance – A Symphonic Journey

Renaissance – DeLane Lea Studios 1973

Renaissance – Grandine Il Vento

Renaissance – Innocents & Illusions

Renaissance – Live At The BBC Sight & Sound

Renaissance – In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Alejandro Villalon Renaud – Simbiosis

Rendezvous Point – Solar Storm

Reptiel – The Planet Of Progkp

Requiem For Oblivion – Hindsight 2020

The Research Institute – Flies

Residuos Mentales – Introspection

ReSolve – Wayward Sanctuary

The Re-Stoned – Thunders Of The Deep

Retreat From Moscow – The World As We Knew It

Retroheads – Introspective

Retroheads – Retrospektive

Retrospective – Latent Avidity

Retrospective – Lost In Perception

Retrospective – Re:Search

Retrospective – Stolen Thoughts

Retrovértigo – Idéjala!…Está Triste

Retsam Suriv – Exegesys

Markus Reuter – Todmorden 513

Markus Reuter – Truce 2

Markus Reuter featuring Fabio Trentini and Asaf Sirkis – Truce

Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy – Dervish

Markus Reuter & Robert Rich – Eleven Questions

Reuter/Motzer/Grohowski – Shapeshifters

Markus Reuter Oculus – Nothing Is Sacred

Rêve Général – Howl

Revocation – Netherheaven

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble – Forked Tongue

Rewiring Genesis – A Tribute To “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”

Kai Reznik – Awkward Motions

Rhapsody – Power Of The Dragonflame

Rhapsody – Rain Of A Thousand Flames

Rhapsody – Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secrets

Rhún – Fanfare Du Chaos

Rialzu – U Riguru

Franck Ribiere – Bloody Karma

Ricocher – Chains

Ricochet – Zarah / A Teartown Story

Rider Where The Trees Are Low – Movies and Conversations

Righteous Fool – Righteous Fool

Alberto Rigoni – Odd Times

Alberto Rigoni – Three Wise Monkeys

Alberto Rigoni feat. Marco Minnemann – EvoRevolution

Rigoni / Schönherz – Victor / A Symphonic Poem

Bjørn Riis – A Fleeting Glimpse (EP)

Bjørn Riis – A Storm Is Coming

Bjørn Riis – Coming Home

Bjørn Riis – Everything To Everyone

Bjørn Riis – Forever Comes To An End

Riitala – Me Me Me Me Me

Ring – The Empire Of Necromancers

Ringing Ring – Ancient Stone

Ring Of Fire – The Oracle

Ring Of Myth – Weeds

Ring Van Möbius – The 3rd Majesty

Miguel Ríos – La Huerta Atómica / Al-Andalus

Riot In The Attic – Those Who Don’t Belong

Ripaille – La Vieille Que L’On Brula

Rise Twain – Rise Twain

Rishloo – Living As Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth #TotW

Rising – Oceans Into Their Graves

Rising Insane – Afterglow

Ritual – Glimpses From The Story Of Mr. Bogd

Ritual – Live

Ritual – Ritual

Ritual – The Hemulic Voluntary Band

Ritual – Think Like A Mountain

Rival Consoles – Articulation

Rival Consoles – Overflow

Rivendel – DHD

Rivendel – Sisyfos

Riversea – The Tide

Riverside – Anno Domini High Definition

Riverside – Eye Of The Soundscape

Riverside – Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg

Riverside – Love, Fear And The Time Machine

Riverside – Memories In My Head

Riverside – Out Of Myself

Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement

Riverside – Riverside 20 – Vol.1 ‘The Shorts’ / Vol.2 ‘The Longs’

Riverside – Second Life Syndrome

Riverside – Shrine Of New Generation Slaves

Riverside – Voices In My Head

Riverside – Wasteland

Rivers Of Nihil – The Work

Riviẽre – Heal

Rizengard – Chapter 21

The Road – Drift

Roadstuff – 12 Time Age

Road To Jerusalem – Road To Jerusalem

Robb & Pott – Once Upon The Wings

Dante Roberto – The Circle

Robin And The Modest – Eftychia

Robin And The Modest – Playground

Tom Robinson & Crew – Live At Rockpalast 1984

Rocco’s Red Cloud – Circus Of Plague

Brisa Roché – Invisible 1

Rockaphonica – Fuera De Tiempo

Rock Duo Magma – Rock Duo Magma

Rocket Scientists – Revolution Road

Rocking Horse Music Club – Circus Of Wire Dolls

Rocking Horse Music Club – Which Way The Wind Blows (The Music Of Anthony Phillips)

Rodeo Drive – No Second Chance

Holger Röder – Dialog of Landscapes

Holger Röder – Lebendige Räume

Chris Rodler – Left To My Own Devices

Raimundo Rodulfo – Mare Et Terra

Raimundo Rodulfo – Open Mind

Raimundo Rodulfo – The Dreams Concerto

Raimundo Rodulfo – To Live A Dream / Official Bootleg 2

Roger Universe – Earth Express

Kurt Rogney – With Form It Threatens Silence

Rohmer – Rohmer

Frank Rohles – Trapped In A New World Pt. II

Roksana – Barwy / Absolutely Live

Rolo Tomassi – Where Myth Becomes Memory

The Rome Pro(g)ject – The Rome Pro(g)ject 

The Rome Pro(g)ject – II – Of Fate And Glory

The Rome Pro(g)ject – IV: Beaten Paths Different Ways

The Rome Pro(g)ject – Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius

Romislokus – Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn

Yuval Ron – Somewhere In The Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum

Ronin – Bruto Minore

Anton Roolaart – Dreamer

Root – Poles Apart

Ropes Of Night – Impossible Space

Jaime Rosas – Flashback

Jaime Rosas Trio – Extremos

John Rose – The Key

August Rosenbaum – Vista

Røsenkreütz – Back To The Stars

Røsenkreütz – Divide et impera

Rosetta – Terra Sola (EP)

Ricky Ross – Short Stories Vol. 1

Roswell Six – Terra Icongnita: A Line In The Sand

Roswell Six – Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon

Uli Jon Roth – Metamorphosis

Steve Rothery – The Ghosts Of Pripyat

Steve Rothery Band – Live in Rome

Rotor – Fünf

Rotor – Sechs #TotW

Round House – 3-D

Round House – Jin Zo-Ni N Gen / The Facsimile Edition / Wings To Rest

Round House – Live@2001 In Osaka

Andrew Roussak – Blue Intermezzo

Andrew Roussak – Crossing The Line

Andrew Roussak – No Trespassing

Andrew Roussak – Storm Warning

Cristiano Roversi – AntiQua

Rovescio Della Medaglia – Contaminazione 2.0

Robbie Rox & The Monster Horn Band – Earl Owns The World

Royal Hunt – Paper Blood

Royal Hunt – The Mission

Royal Hunt – The Watchers

Roz Vitalis – Compassionizer / Live Autumn Of Transfigurated Gold In Rybatskoe ’06

Roz Vitalis – Das Licht der Menschen

Roz Vitalis – Enigmarden / Live Autumn 05 In The Ad Lucem Studio

Roz Vitalis – Live At Mezzo Forte

Roz Vitalis – Revelator

Roz Vitalis – Songs And Murmurs Of The Wind

RPWL – 9

RPWL – A New Dawn

RPWL – Beyond Man And Time

RPWL – Gentle Art Of Music

RPWL – God Has Failed – Live & Personal

RPWL – Live From Outer Space

RPWL – Start The Fire

RPWL – Stock

RPWL – Tales From Outer Space

RPWL – The RPWL Experience

RPWL – Trying To Kiss The Sun

RPWL – Wanted

RPWL – World Through My Eyes

RTfact – Life Is Good #TotW

The Rube Goldberg Machine – Fragile Times

Jason Rubenstein – New Metal From Old Boxes

Rubycone – Pictures For Susceptible Housewives

Jordan Rudess – Feeding The Wheel

Jordan Rudess – Rhythm Of Time

Jordan Rudess – The Road Home

Jordan Rudess – Wired For Madness

Ruins – Alone

Ruins – Pallaschtom

Ruins – Refusal Fossil / 1986 – 1992

Ruins – Tzomborgha

The Ruins Of Beverast – The Thule Grimoires

Andrés Ruiz – Los Deudos

Borja Ruiz – Bajo El Reino De La Luna

Il Rumore Bianco – Antropocene

Il Rumore Bianco – Mediocrazia

Runaway Totem – Affreschi E Meditazione

Runaway Totem – Tep Zepi

Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine Of Hell

Runrig – One Legend – Two Concerts (Live At The Rockpalast 1996 & 2001)

Ruphus – Let Your Light Shine

Ruphus – Ranshart

Il Ruscello – Paesaggio Solare (Estate 1972)

Rush – Clockwork Angels

Rush – Feedback

Rush – Moving Pictures (Deluxe Edition)

Rush – R40 Live

Rush – Rush In Rio

Rush – Snakes & Arrows

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus – Futureman

Ray Russell – Fluid Architecture

Ray Russell – Goodbye Svengali

Russian Circles – Gnosis

Rýr – Transient