Es gibt Live, Baby! Tourdatenupdate 09.07.15


PsychedelicSpacerockFestival-RockscheuneVerne-SalzkottenUpdate der Tourdatensektion, u.a. mit
70.000 Tons of Metal, Aphodyl, Archive, Blank Manuskript, Counter-World Experience, Cynic, DispersE, Elder, Enchant, Hasse Fröberg and The
Musical Companion, Generation Prog, Scott Henderson, Keep it Low, Knall, Mammoth Mammoth, Moaning Cities, Olympique, Psychedelic Space Rock
Festival (21.08.15, Rockscheune Verne), Radio Moscow, The Red Paintings, Rotor, Scar Symmetry, Subsignal, Up In Smoke, Joey Vera, Carl Verheyen, WolveSpirit…

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Über den Autor

Klaus Reckert

"everything happy, and progressive, and occupied" K. Grahame, The Wind In The Willows


Es gibt Live, Baby! Tourdatenupdate 09.07.15

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