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Hier finden sich sämtliche Reviews (Audio- u. Video-Medien), die bislang für geschrieben wurden, in alphabetischer Reihenfolge aufgelistet. Durch Klick auf einen der folgenden Buchstaben kann man in der Liste direkt zum jeweils entsprechenden Anfangsbuchstaben springen. Zur einfacheren Navigation findest Du den alphabetischen Index auch als mitscrollendes Element auf der rechten Seite.



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1099 – Young Pines

11Paranoias – Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World

1476 – Our Season Draws Near

XII Alfonso – Djenne

1476 – Wildwood

3RDegree – Ones & Zeros, Vol. 1

25 Yard Screamer – Keep Sending Signals

Twenty Sixty Six And Then – Reflections On The Future

3rd Ear Experience – Stones Of A Feather

VIII Strada – Babylon


AaRON – We Cut The Night

Lee Abraham – The Seasons Turn

Mick Abrahams – Revived

Abstrakt – Limbosis

Ad Maiora – Repetita Iuvant

Advent – Silent Sentinel

Aeneas – New Renaissance #TotW

Agent Fresco – Destrier

Agusa – Två

Aisles – 4:45 AM

Aisles – Hawaii

The Alan Parsons Project – The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Deluxe Anniv. Ed.)

Alarion – Waves of Destruction

Alco Frisbass – same

All Them Witches – Sleeping Through The War

Jos d’Almeida – Aether

Jos d’Almeida – Awaken

AltaVia – Kreosote

Michael Altenberger – Dark Matter

Alyeus – Forty Days At Sea

Alyeus – From The Sky We Fall

Amarok – Hayat Yolunda

Amon Ra – We Never Said Good-bye

Ampledeed – BYOB

Ananda Mida – Anodnatius

Anasazi – 1000 Yard Stare

Anathema – A Sort Of Homecoming

The Anchoress – Confessions Of A Romance Novelist

Anderson/Stolt – Invention Of Knowledge

Anekdoten – Until All The Ghosts Are Gone

Anton & The Headcleaners – Rotor

Aperco – The Battle

Ape Shifter – Ape Shifter

Apogee – The Art Of Mind

AppleSmellColour – Unscrupulousness

The Aqualung – We Bare All

Arena – The Unquiet Sky

Argos – A Seasonal Affair

The Aristocrats – Tres Caballeros

Armonite – The Sun is New each Day

Árstíðir – Hvel #TotW

Artificial Language – The Observer

Ashby – Fragmental

Astrakhan – Adrenaline Kiss

Audioplastik – In The Head Of A Maniac

a href=““ rel=“nofollow“ target=“_blank“>The Aurora Project – World of Grey

Autumnal Blossom – Spellbound

Autumn of Pækward – Cern

Amadeus Awad – Death Is Just A Feeling

Awaiting Dawn – Leave No Trace

Ayreon – The Theater Equation

(nach oben)


Il Bacio Della Medusa – Deus Lo Vult

Bad Dreams – Déjà Vu

Dave Bainbridge – Celestial Fire

Tony Banks – A Chord Too Far (4 CDs)

Richard Barbieri – Planets + Persona

Barclay James Harvest – Everyone Is Everybody Else (Reissue)

Barclay James Harvest – Gone To Earth (Reissue)

Charlie Barnes – More Stately Mansions

Barock Project – Detachment

Barock Project – Skyline

Barock Project – Vivo

Colin Bass – At Wild End

La Batteria – La Batteria

La Batteria – Tossico Amore

Eric Baule – Revelations Adrift

Beardfish – +4626 Comfortzone

Beardfish – Discovering Beardfish (5CD Boxset)

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Jeff Beck – Live+

Jeff Beck – Loud Hailer #TotW

Beledo – Dreamland Mechanism

Stewart Bell – The Antechamber Of Being

Bellathrix – Orion

Bent Knee – Say So #TotW

Bent Knee – Shiny Eyed Babies

The Benzene Ring – Crossing The Divide

Ed Bernard – Polydactyl

Eraldo Bernocchi & Prakash Sontakke – Invisible Strings

Between The Buried And Me – Coma Ecliptic

Big Big Train – Folklore

Big Big Train – Stone & Steel

Big Big Train – A Stone’s Throw From The Line #TotW

The Black Fall – The Time Traveller

Blackfield – V

Blacklands – Peaceful Shores

The Black Lantern – We Know The Future

Black Lung – See The Enemy #TotW

Black Mountain – IV

Black Rainbows – Stellar Prophecy

Black Space Riders – Refugeeum (Interview mit JE und SEB zum Album)

Blind Ego – Liquid

Blue Dawn – Cycle of Pain

Blue Man Group – Three

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – Joyride

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – Sucht & Ordnung

La Bocca Della Verita – Avenoth

Borknagar – Winter Thrice

Matt Boroff – Grand Delusion

Lars Boutrup’s Music For Keyboards – Small As A Ball

Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light

Tim Bowness – Stupid Things That Mean The World

Box Of Shamans – Belief And Illusion

Terry Bozzio – Composer Series

Paul Bremner – The Witness

Bride of Chaotica – Ghosts On Television

Briqueville – II

The Broadcast – From The Horizon

Buddha Sentenza – Semaphora

Roland Bühlmann – Aineo

Bunbury – Madrid, Área 51

Bunyi Sembunyi – Ribut Ribut Itu Menjadi Reda Dan Akhirnya

Dec Burke – Book Of Secrets

Burnt Belief – Emergent

(nach oben)


C309 – Ready For The Outcry

Cairo – S@Y

Caligula’s Horse

The Ben Cameron Project – A Cycle Never Ending

Gadi Caplan – Morning Sun

Captain Ivory – No Vacancy

Franck Carducci – Torn Apart

Cast – Power and Outcome

Cast – Vida

Il Castello Di Atlante – Arx Atlantis

Casualties Of Cool (Devin Townsend u.a.)

Cell15 – Chapter One

Chat Noir – Nine Thoughts For One Word

Rani Chatoorgoon – Samsara

Cherry Choke – Raising The Waters

Cherry Five – Il Pozzo Dei Giganti

Christina – The Light (Christina Booth)

The Church – Further/Deeper

Ciccada – The Finest Of Miracles

Cinema – The Discovering Of Time

Circa: – Valley Of The Windmill

Circle Of Contempt – Structures For Creation

Circuline – Counterpoint

Circuline – Return

Cloud Catcher – Trails Of Kozmic Dust

Matthew Collings – A Requiem For Edward Snowden

Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement – Moral Machine #TotW

Colosseum – Time On Our Side

Colour Haze – To The Highest Gods We Know

Comedy Of Errors – Spirit

Compilation – Heavy Psych Sounds Records Compilation 041

Consorzio Acqua Potabile & Alvaro “Jumbo” Fella – Coraggio E Mistero

Coogans Bluff – Flying To The Stars

Cosmic Ground – III

Cosmograf – The Unreasonable Silence

Counter-World Experience – Pulsar #TotW

Ben Craven – Last Chance To Hear

Cranial – Dark Towers/Bright Lights

Crippled Black Phoenix – Bronze

Crippled Black Phoenix – New Dark Age

Cromwell – Black Chapter Red

David Cross Band – Sign Of The Crow

Crow Black Chicken – Pariah Brothers

Crystal Palace – Dawn Of Eternity

La Curva Di Lesmo – La Curva Di Lesmo

Cyril – Paralyzed

(nach oben)


Dante – When We Were Beautiful (Interview mit Markus Maichel zum Album) #TotW

Daymoon – Cruz Quebrada

DDENT – آكتئاب

D.D. Dumbo – Utopia Defeated

Deacon Blue – Live At The Glasgow Barrowlands

Dead Witches – Ouija

Decameron, Ten Days In 100 Novellas – Part III (Colossus-Konzeptsampler)

Deep Purple – Burn (Vinyl-Reissue)

Deep Purple – InFinite

Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers (Vinyl-Reissue)

Delirium – L’Era Della Menzogna

Deus Ex Machina – Devoto

The Devil And The Almighty Blues – II

Dice – Son.Sister.Sun

Michael Dietrich – Across Open Seas

Different Light – The Burden of Paradise

Discordia – Season Changes

Djam Karet – Sonic Celluloid

Dolcetti – Arriver

William D Drake – Revere Reach

Dream Theater – The Astonishing

Drifting Sun – Safe Asylum

Drifting Sun – Trip

Dungen – Allas Sak

Dungen – Häxan

Dworniak Bone Lapsa – Fingers Pointing At The Moon

(nach oben)


Earthside – A Dream In Static

East – Symphonic

Echolyn – I Heard You Listening #TotW

Eden Shadow – Melodies For Maladies

Edensong – Years In The Garden Of Years

Editors – In Dream

EelST – Yes We Can’t (Elio e le Storie Tese)

Elbow – Lost Worker Bee (EP)

Electric Eye – Different Sun

Electric Moon – Flaming Lake

Electric Moon – Inferno (Re-Release)

Electric Moon – Theory Of Mind

Electric Orange – Volume 10

Elephant Plaza – Momentum

Elephants Of Scotland – Good Morning Gettysburg – Live At RoSfest 2014

Elephants Of Scotland – The Perfect Map

Ellesmere – Les Châteaux de la Loire

Elleven – Transfiction

Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Alone In The Universe

Emmett Elvin – Assault On The Tyranny Of Reason

The Emerald Dawn – Searching For The Lost Key

Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP) – Trilogy – Deluxe Ed.

An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine

England – The Last Of The Jubblies (Reissue)

Errata Corrige – Siegfried, Il Drago E Altre Storie

Eureka (Frank Bossert) – Great Escapes

Eveline’s Dust – The Painkeeper

Evergrey – The Storm Within

Exovex (Dale Simmons) – Radio Silence

Exquirla – Para Quienes Aún Viven

Eye – Vision And Ageless Light

The Eye Of Time – Myth I : The Last Dance For The Things We Love

Eyesberg – Masquerade

(nach oben)


La Fabbrica Dell‘Assoluto – L’Ultimo Uomo D’Europa

Antoine Fafard – Sphère

Faith No More – Sol Invictus #TotW

Farflung – 5

Fatal Destiny – Palindromia

Fates Warning -Theories Of Flight

Ali Ferguson – A Sequence Of Moments

Christian Fiesel – Hagen’s Delight

Figures – Figures (EP)

Final Step – Three Sails, Live @ Il Magazzino

Fire Garden – Far And Near

Firmam3nt – Firmament

Fischer-Z – Building Bridges

Fischer-Z – This Is My Universe (CD + DVD, 2016 Edition)

Fjieri – Words Are All We Have

Flying Circus – Starlight Clearing / 25 Live Edition

Flying Colors – Second Flight – Live At The Z7

Fogh Depot – Turmalinturm

Foo Fighters – In Your Honor

Foo Fighters – One By One

Foo Fighters – Skin & Bones

Forgotten Suns – When Worlds Collide

The Foxholes – Radio Cincinnati

The Foxholes – Un Mal Menor

Fractal Mirror – Garden Of Ghosts

Freedom To Glide – Fall

Freedom To Glide – Sick To Death

The Freeks – Shattered

Free Nelson Mandoomjazz – Awakening Of A Capital

Free Nelson Mandoomjazz – The Organ Grinder

Frequency Drift – Last

Frost* – Falling Satellites

Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion – HFMC

Fungal Abyss – Karma Suture

(nach oben)


Galahad – When Worlds Collide

Galley Beggar – Heathen Hymns

Gandalf – Frame By Frame

Gandalf’s Fist – A Clockwork Table

The Gathering – TG25: Live At Doornroosje

Gazpacho – Molok (Interview mit Thomas Andersen zum Album)

Gazpacho – Night Of The Demon (Interview mit Thomas Andersen zu CD u. DVD)

The Gentle Storm – The Diary

Gepetto – From Heaven To The Stars …

Jane Getter Premonition – On

Ghost Community – Cycle Of Life

Ghost Medicine – Discontinuance

The Gift – Why Sea Is Salt

Kristoffer Gildenlöw – The Rain

Kristoffer Gildenlöw – Rust (Interview mit Kristoffer zum Album)

Eric Gillette – The Great Unknown

Giöbia – Magnifier

Glacier – Ashes For The Monarch

Glasgow Coma Scale – Enter Oblivion

Glass Hammer – The Breaking Of The World

Glasshammer – Double Live (Deluxe Edition)

Glass Hammer – Valkyrie

Glitter Wizard – Hollow Earth Tour

Jen Gloeckner – Vine

Goad – The Silent Moonchild

Goblin Rebirth – Alive

Goblin Rebirth – same

Godsticks – Emergence

Gösta Berlings Saga – Sersophane

The Golden Grass/Banquet/Wild Eyes/Killer Boogie – 4 Bands Split #2

Golden Void – Berkana

Gong – Rejoice! I’m Dead! (Interview mit Dave Sturt zum Album)

Pierre Moerlen’s Gong – Tribute

Gotic – Maqueta

Gov’t Mule – Sco-Mule

Gov’t Mule – Stoned Side Of The Mule

Gov´t Mule – The Tel-Star Sessions

The Grand Sheep – The Grand Sheep

Grand Tour – Heavy On The Beach

gravitysays_i – quantumunknown

Greyfeather – Greyfeather

Grobschnitt – 79:10 (Interview m. Lupo u. Eroc zum Boxset)

Grobschnitt – Solar Movie (Interview m. Lupo u. Eroc zum Boxset) #TotW

Ragga Gröndal – Svefnljóð

Guapo – Obscure Knowledge #TotW

Trey Gunn – The Waters, They Are Rising

(nach oben)


Habelard2 – Maybe

Steve Hackett – The Charisma Years 1975-1983 (Vinyl-Boxset)

Steve Hackett – Defector – Reissue

Steve Hackett – The Night Siren

Steve Hackett – Please Don’t Touch – Reissue

Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings

Steve Hackett – The Total Experience Live In Liverpool

Steve Hackett – Wolflight

Hagen Von Bergen – Hargest Darken – Der dauernde Fluss

Haken – Affinity

Hammock – Everything And Nothing

Hands – Caviar Bobsled

Gavin Harrison – Cheating the Polygraph

Anna von Hausswolff – The Miraculous

Hathors – Panem Et Circenses

Hawkwind – The Machine Stops

Warren Haynes feat. Railroad Earth – Ashes & Dust

Headspace – All That You Fear Is Gone

Tim Hecker – Love Streams

Mats Hedberg – True Temperament

Hedfuzy – Hedfuzy

Heliopolis – City Of The Sun

Heliopolis – Epic At The Majestic: Live At Rosfest

Hemina – Venus


Holloway – The Feeble Hearts Of Man

Ste van Holm – Tesla

Holon – The Time Is Always Now

The Home Guard – Nature Versus Nurtzer Versus Nietzsche

Hominido – Estirpe Litica

Homunculus Res – Come Si Diventa Ciò Che Si Era

Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now

Sivert Høyem – Lioness

Steve Hughes – Once We Were Here, Part One

Steve Hughes – Once We Were, Part Two

Steve Hughes – Tales From The Silent Ocean

Huis – Neither in Heaven

Huxley Would Approve – Grave New World, Part One

(nach oben)


I Am The Manic Whale – Everything Beautiful In Time

Iamthemorning – Lighthouse

Ides Of Gemini – Women

Ihre Kinder – Werdohl (Vinyl-Reissue)

John Illsley – Live In London

John Illsley – Long Shadows

Indica – Stone Future Hymns

Light At The Endless Tunnel

Infinite Spectrum – Haunter Of The Dark

Ingranaggi Della Valle – Warm Spaced Blue

Inior– Hypnerotomachia

Inner Odyssey – Ascension

In The Presence Of Wolves – Thalassas

IO Earth – New World

Iris Divine – Karma Sown

Isaac Vacuum – Lords

IZZ – Everlasting Instant

IZZ – Ampersand Volume 2

(nach oben)


Joe Jackson – Fast Forward

Jadis – No Fear Of Looking Down

Jaga Jazzist – Starfire

Jade Vine – Mind Of A Man

Steve Jansen – The Extinct Suite

Steve Jansen – Tender Extinction

Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri – Stone To Flesh

Jean-Michel Jarre – Electronica 1 – The Time Machine

Jean-Michel Jarre – Electronica 2 – The Heart Of Noise

Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene 3

Jaz – Les Odes Décarbonatées

Jeavestone – Human Games

The Jelly Jam – Profit

JEMM Music Project – JEMM Music Project

Jethro Tull – Aqualung (Reissue, 40th Anniversary Adapted Edition) #TotW

Jethro Tull – Minstrel In The Gallery (40th Anniversary Le Grande Edition – 2CD/2DVD Medien-Buch) #TotW

Jethro Tull – Stand Up – The Elevated Edition (Reissue) #TotW

Nick Johnston – Remarkably Human

JPL – Le Livre Blanc

JPL – Restrospections Volume II

Jü – Summa

Julian Julien – Terre II

(nach oben)


Kaipa – Kaipa & Ingett Nytt Under Solen (2 CDs)

Kaipa – Solo + Händer + Nattdjurstid (3 CDs)

Kaipa DaCapo – Dårskapens Monotoni

Kalamata – Kalamata

Kansas – Miracles Out Of Nowhere

Kansas – The Prelude Implicit

Marten Kantus – Requiem

Karaba – Karaba

Karakorum – Karakorum

Karfagen – 7

Karfagen – Spektra

KariBoW – Holophinium

Elmo Karjalainen – The ₤ 5.99 Guitar Album (Ltd. Ed.) / The Free Guitar Album

Elmo Karjalainen – Age of Heroes

Karmamoi – Silence Between Sounds

uwekarpa – eins

Katatonia – Fall Of Hearts (Interview mit Anders Nyström zum Album)

Katatonia – Sanctitude #TotW

Kauhukakara – Eläinten Fanfaari

Kayanis – Transmundane

Kellerkind Berlin – Songs For Travelling …

Mike Keneally – Scambot 2

Kepler Ten – Delta-V

Kermit – Litoral

Dave Kerzner – New World

Dave Kerzner – New World Live

Kiama – Sign Of IV

Kinetic Element – Travelog

Carole King – Tapestry (Vinyl-Reissue)

King Crimson – Live In Toronto

Kingcrow – Eidos #TotW

King of Agogik – Morning Star

Klone – Black Days- The Dreamer’s Hideaway – The Eye Of Needle (Reissues)

Klone – Unplugged

Knall – Alienfunk #TotW

Knifeworld – Bottled Out Of Eden

Davy Knowles – Three Miles From Avalon

Krautzone – The Complete Works

Krobak – Nightbound

Kuhn Fu – Kuhnspiracy

Juha Kujanpää – Kivenpyörittäjä, Tales and Travels

Juha Kujanpää – Kultasiipi – Goldwing

Kungens Män – Stockholm Maraton

Kyrbgrinder – Chronicles Of A Dark Machine #TotW

Kyros – Vox Humana

(nach oben)


Landmarq – RoadSkill – Live In The Netherlands

Travis Larson Band – Anicca

Last Jeton – Game Of Fate

Lazuli – Nos Âmes Saoules

Julius Paolo Lazzeri – Gothic Power

Leprous – The Congregation

Leprous – Live At Rockefeller Music Hall

Les Lekin – All Black Rainbow Moon

Lesoir – Luctor Et Emergo

Ligro – Dictionary 3 #TotW

Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – Pathfinder

Lingua Nada/Paan – Split

Línt – Then They Came For Us

Liserstille – Empirical Ghost #TotW

Lithium Dawn – Tearing Back the Veil I: Ascension

Daniele Liverani – An Innocent Challenge (Piano Concerto N.1 in D minor)

Lonely Robot – Please Come Home

Long Distance Calling – Trips

Bertrand Loreau featuring Lambert – In Search Of Silence

Bertrand Loreau – From Past To Past

Losers – How To Ruin Other People’s Future

Lubianka – Ceremònies

The Lucid Dream – Compulsion Songs (UK)

Lucid Dream – Otherworldly (Italien)

Lucifer’s Friend – Awakening

(nach oben)


Mabel Greer’s Toyshop– New Way Of Life

Machines Dream – Immunity

Magenta – Chaos From The Stage

Magic Pie – King For A Day

Maglev – Overwrite The Sin

Magma – Köhnzert Zünd #TotW

Magma – Rïah Sahïltaahk

Magma – Šlağ Tanz

Magnum – Escape From The Shadow Garden – Live 2014

Magnum – Sacred Blood, „Divine“ Lies (+ Interview)

Pepe Maina – Etheric Anomalies

Man – Reanimated Memories

Manescape – Antibodies

Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter – Face

Mandala – Midnight Twilight (Rhys Marsh)

Mantra Vega – The Illusion’s Reckoning

Phil Manzanera – Live At The Curious Arts Festival

Marbin – Aggressive Hippies

Anna María – Saknađ Fornaldar

Marillion – F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everyone And Run) #TotW

Marillion – Marbles In The Park (Blu-ray/DVD)

Marillion – Marbles In The Park (DoCD)

Marquette – Human Reparation

Rhys Marsh – The Black Sun Shinging

Martha Rabbit – Zodiaklicht

Martigan – Distant Monsters

Maschine – Naturalis

Niall Mathewson – Eclectic Electric Volume One

Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella – Gray Matters

Maze Of Sound – Sunray

Simon McKechnie – From My Head To My Feet

Meandering Mine – Neanderthal Nein

Meat Loaf – Braver Than We Are

Meller Golyzniak Duda – Breaking Habits

Memento Waltz – Division by Zero

Messenger – Threnodies

Metamorfosi – Purgatorio

Methexis – Suiciety

Merry Go Round – same

Midnight Masses – Departures

Mike & The Mechanics – Let Me Fly (Vinyl)

M!ndgames – Paradox Of Choice

Minimum Vital – Pavanes

Minusmen – Rosemary

The Missing Piece

Mörglbl – Teatime For Pünks

Mollmaskin – Heartbreak In ((Stereo))

Mogwai – Atomic: A Soundtrack

Molesome – Songs For Vowels And Mammals

Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator – Best Of

Mongolito – Le Maudit

Mono – Requiem For Hell

Monsternaut – Monsternaut

Montage – Metamorphosis

Elisa Montaldo – Fistful Of Planets, Part I

Moon Safari – Live In Mexico

Moonwagon – The Rule Of Three

Mop Mop – Lunar Love

M-Opus – 1975 Triptych

The Neal Morse Band – Alive Again

The Neal Morse Band – The Grand Experiment

The Neal Morse Band – The Similitude Of A Dream

The Neal Morse Band – Morsefest 2014 – Testimony and One live – feat. Mike Portnoy

The Neal Morse Band – Morsefest! 2015 – ? and Sola Scriptura live

Mosaico – Vola

Mos Generator – Abyssinia

Mos Generator – The Firmament

A Mote Of Dust – same

Mother’s Cake – Love The Filth

Mothertongue – Unsongs

Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters (Interview m. Bent Saether #TotW

Moulettes Preternatural

Mr. Fastfinger – Spirit Rising #TotW

MSM Schmidt – Utopia

Multi Story – Crimson Stone

The Mute Gods – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

The Mute Gods – Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth

Muzak – Oxymoron

Kim Myhr – Bloom

Myrath – Legacy

My Sleeping Karma – Moksha

Mystery – Delusion Rain

(nach oben)


Naked Truth – Avian Thug

Nattefrost – 20 Years of Nattefrost

Necromonkey – The Shadow Of The Blind Man

Need – Hegaiama – Song For Freedom

Needlepoint ‎– Aimless Mary

Neo Prophet – T.I.M.E.

Martin Neuhold – The Fool’s Tale

Neurosis – Fires Within Fires

Next To None – A Light In The Dark

Nice Beaver – The Time It Takes

Nightstalker – As Above So Below

Nine Stones Close – Leaves

No Man’s Valley – Time Travel

No More Pain – The Post Human Condition

NORÐ – Alpha (EP)

a href=““ target=“_blank“ rel=“nofollow“>Nordic Giants – A Séance Of Dark Delusions #TotW

Eric Norlander – Surreal

Northwinds Eternal Winter

Nosound – Scintilla

Nosound – Teide 2390

Not A Good Sign – From A Distance

Novembre – Ursa

Nth Ascension – Ascension Of Kings

Nth Ascension – In Fine Initium

(nach oben)


Obake – Draugr

Obsidian Kingdom – A Year Without Summer

Oddland – Origin #TotW

Öz Ürügülü – Fashion and Welfare

Offworld – Some Circles Are Square

Okta Logue – Diamonds And Despair #TotW

Oktopus – Worlds Apart

Mike Oldfield – The 1984 Suite (Vinyl Reissue)

Mike Oldfield – The Best of: 1992 -2003

Mike Oldfield – Discovery (Vinyl Reissue)

Mike Oldfield – The Killing Fields (Back To Black, Vinyl-Reissue)

Mike Oldfield – Return To Ommadawn

Old Fire – Songs From The Haunted South

Ole Lukkøye – Dyatly

Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1

Olympique – Crystal Palace

Operation: Mindcrime – The Key #TotW

Operation Mindcrime – Resurrection

Opeth – Deliverance & Damnation (4 Disc Bookset)

Opeth – Sorceress

Ωracles – Bedroom Eyes #TotW

O.R.k. – Inflamed Rides #TotW

O.R.k. – Soul Of An Octopus #TotW

Ornah-Mental – Remix & Outtake

Oscillotron – Cataclysm

Ossicles – Music For Wastelands

Otarion – Monument (Ralf Klein)

Otrovna Kristina – Otrovna Kristina

Our Oceans – Our Oceans

Pete Oxley, Nicolas Meier – Chasing Tales

Ozric Tentacles – Technicians Of The Sacred

(nach oben)


Paan/Lingua Nada – Split

Lelio Padovani – Waves

Paidarion Finlandia Project – Two Worlds Encounter

Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day #TotW

The Ed Palermo Big Band – The Great Un-American Songbook Volumes 1 & 2

Ed Palermo Big Band – One Child Left Behind

Pallas – Wearewhoweare

Panther & C. – L’Epoca Di Un Altro

Panzerballett – Breaking Brain

Panzerpappa – Pestrottedans

Papir meets Electric Moon – The Papermoon Sessions – Live at Roadburn 2014

Matthew Parmenter – All Our Yesterdays

Parzivals Eye – Defragments

Patchwork Cacophony – Five Of Cups

Indrek Patte – Thank And Share

Tony Patterson – Equations Of Meaning

Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre – Northlands

Pavlov’s Dog – House Broken – Live 2015 (inkl. Interviews) #TotW

Pearl Jam – No Code (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pearl Jam – Vs. (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pearl Jam – Yield (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pendragon – Men Who Climb Mountains

Les Penning – Belerion

The Perc – Koto Funk

Perfect Beings – Perfect Beings II #TotW

Persefone – Aathma

Petrels – Jörð

pg.lost – Versus

Phaedra – Blackwinged Night

Phase II – Fleeting Spirits

Anthony Phillips – Wise After The Event (Reissue, 4 Disc Deluxe Box Set)

Phyria – The Colors Among Us

The Picturebooks – Home Is A Heartache

The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness

Pink Floyd – Animals (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pink Floyd – The Final Cut (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds (Vinyl-Reissue)

Pink Floyd – Vinyl Remaster Part 1

Placebo – Meds (Vinyl Reissue)

Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts (Vinyl Reissue)

Polska Radio One – Early Broadcasts

Pontus – IV (EP)

Poor Genetic Material – Absence #TotW

Postures – Halucinda

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) – A Ghost + The World (2 CDs)

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) – Live Collection

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) – Un’Isola – Un Amico – Un Minuto (3 CDs)

Bobby Previte – Mass

Mark Pritchard – Under The Sun

Procol Harum – Novum

Procol Harum – Procol Harum – Shine On Brightly – A Salty Dog – Home (Esoteric Antenna Reissues 2015)

Profuna Ocean – In Vacuum

Profusion – Phersu

Psicolorama – The Garden And The Pool

The Psychedelic Ensemble – The Sunstone

Psychic Equalizer – The Lonely Traveller

Pymlico – Meeting Point

(nach oben)


Quantum Fantay – Dancing In Limbo

Queen – A Night At The Odeon – Hammersmith 1975

Queen – On Air

Queensrÿche- Condition Hüman


La Nuova Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno (RRR) – Live In Elba

Radio Birds – Contemporary American Slang

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool #TotW

Ramses – Control Me (2000/2016)

RanestRane – A Space Odyssey, Part Two H.A.L.

The Receiver – All Burn

Red Bazar – Tales From The Bookcase

Alan Reed – Honey On The Razors Edge

Reflections In Cosmo – same

Remanon – Episodes (EP)

Renaissance – Academy Music 1974

Renaissance – DeLane Lea Studios 1973

Renaissance – Live At The BBC Sight & Sound

ReSolve – Wayward Sanctuary

Rêve Général – Howl

Rider Where The Trees Are Low – Movies and Conversations

Miguel Ríos – La Huerta Atómica / Al-Andalus

Rishloo – Living As Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth #TotW

Rising – Oceans Into Their Graves

Rivendel – DHD

Riverside – Eye Of The Soundscape

Riverside – Love, Fear And The Time Machine

Riviẽre – Heal

Robb & Pott – Once Upon The Wings

Brisa Roché – Invisible 1

The Rome Pro(g)ject – II – Of Fate And Glory

Steve Rothery – The Ghosts Of Pripyat

Rotor – Fünf

The Rube Goldberg Machine – Fragile Times

Il Rumore Bianco – Antropocene

Rush – R40 Live

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Saga – The Security Of Illusion (2015 Reissue)

Sailor Free – Spiritual Revolution Part 1

Sailor Free – Spiritual Revolution, Part Two

Salva – Sigh Of Boreas

Samarkande – Ordo Ab Chao

The Samurai Of Prog – Lost And Found

Sanguine Hum – Now We Have Light

Sankt Otten + N – Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik

Yossi Sassi Band – Roots and Roads

Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova

Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia – The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky

SBB & Michał Urbaniak – Koncerty w Trójce

Manuel Schmid– Seelenparadies

Schnellertollermeier – X

Klaus Schønning & Ste van Holm – The Drake Equation

Bernd Scholl – The View From Here

Neal Schon – Vortex

Robert Schroeder – Ambient Occlusion

Robert Schroeder – Dream Access

Robert Schroeder – Flavours Of The Past

Robert Schroeder – Velocity

Klaus Schulze – Another Green Mile

Klaus Schulze – Ballett 3 & 4

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook – The Dark Side of the Moog Vol. 1-4 (Box 1)

Klaus Schulze und Pete Namlook – The Dark Side Of The Moog, Vol. 5-8 (Box 2)

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook – The Dark Side Of The Moog, Vol. 9-11 (Box 3)

Klaus Schulze – Irrlicht

Klaus Schulze – Picture Music (2016 Reissue)

Nerissa Schwarz – Playground Lost

Second Relation – Abiona

Second Relation – Eno

The Secret Sits – Growings

Seeking Raven – The Ending Collage

Seeking Raven – Lonely Art

Semistereo – Trans Earth Injection

Sequentia Legenda – Amira

Seven Reizh – La Barque Aile (Die geflügelte Barke) #TotW

Seven Second Circle – Divide

Seven Steps To The Green Door – Fetish #TotW

Seven That Spells – Superautobahn

Sequentia Legenda – Blue Dream

Sequentia Legenda – Extended

SETI – Bold Travels

Shamblemaths – Shamblemaths

Shearwater – Jet Plane And Oxbow

Sheik Anorak – Let’s Just Bullshit Our Way Through

Shepherds Of Cassini – Helios Forsaken

Billy Sherwood – Citizen

Shumaun – Shumaun

Dani Siciliano – Dani Siciliano

Signals Of Bedlam – Escaping Velocity

Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (Reissue)

Simple Minds – Sparkle In The Rain

Rikard Sjöblom – The Unbendable Sleep + Interview zum Solo-Album des Beardfish-Musikers

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik’s Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá

Slivovitz – All You Can Eat

Slo Motive – Arrival

Sebastian Gramss Slowfox – Gentle Giants

Malcolm Smith – We Were Here

Solar Project – Here I Am

Sonar – Black Light

Sonus Corona

Sonus Umbra – Beyond The Panopticon

Soul Secret – 4

SoundDiary – A Book In My Hand

Sounds Like The End Of The World – Stories

Sounds Of New Soma – La Grande Bellezza

Sounds Of New Soma – Moebius Tunnel

Southern Empire – Southern Empire

Space Debris – Behind The Gate

Space Invaders – Dreadnought

The Spanish Donkey – Raoul

Special Providence – Essence Of Change

Speed Of The Stars – same

Spettri – 2973 La Nemica Dei Ricordi

Spidergawd – III

Spidergawd – IV

Spin Marvel (m. Nils Petter Molvær) – Infolding

Spiritual Beggars – Ad Astra Remastered (coloured vinyl + CD w/ Bonus track)

Spiritual Beggars – Sunrise To Sundown

Hans Spitzen – Fingerprints

Spock’s Beard – The First Twenty Years

Spock’s Beard – The Oblivion Particle

Spooky Tooth – Nomad Poets Live in Germany 2004

starfish64 – An Altered State Of Joy

starfish64 – Refugees

Starlight Brigade – Destination Eternity

Starlight Brigade – Into The Light

Starlight Brigade – Under The Velvet Sky

Stern Combo Meissen – Bilder einer Ausstellung

Stolen Rhodes – Bend With The Wind

Michael Stolt – En Hedonist Utan Skam

Streetmark – Eileen

Subsignal – The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime

Sugarfoot – Different Stars

Sula Bassana – Live At Roadburn Festival 2014  #TotW

Sula Bassana – The Night (Re-Issue 2015) #TotW

Sun Dial – Made In The Machine

Sun Dial – Mind Control

Sun Temple Circus – same

Sus Dungo – Down The River

Swans – The Glowing Man #TotW

Swedenborg Raum – In Between

Sylvan – Home

Nad Sylvan – Courting The Widow

Sylvium – Waiting For The Noise

The Syn – Trustworks

Syncromind Project – Second

(nach oben)


t (Thomas Thielen) – Epistrophobia

t (Thomas Thielen) – Fragmentropy

The Tangent – A Spark In The Aether

Andrew Taylor – Mohribold

Taylor’s Universe – Acrosse The Universe – An Introduction To

TDW – Aphrodisia (EP)

The Tea Club – Grappling

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Let Me Get By

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Live – From The Fox Oakland

Telergy – Hypatia

TesseracT – Errai

TesseracT – Polaris

THEO – The Game Of Ouroboros

Theocracy – Ghostship

Theodor Bastard – Vetvi

There Will Be Blood – Horns

Thieves‘ Kitchen – The Clockwork Universe

Thinking Plague – Hoping Against Hope

Steve Thorne – Island Of The Imbeciles

Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling

Ticket To The Moon – A Sense Of Life

Tiebreaker – We Come From The Mountains

Tiger Moth Tales – Cocoon

Tiger Moth Tales – Storytellers – Part One

Tiles – Pretending To Run

Marius Tilly – Nebula Rising

Tilt – Hinterland

Andy Timmons Band – Theme From A Perfect World

Tohpati Ethnomission – Mata Hati

Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence

Devin Townsend Project – Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Pete Townshend – Classic Quadrophenia

Toxenaris (Timo Aspelmeier) – The Third Policeman

Toxic Smile – Farewell

Darrel Treece-Birch – No More Time

Trettioåriga Kriget – Seaside Air

Triangle – Alert & Alive

Tribute – Terra Incognita

Tritonus – Far in the Sky, Live at Stagge’s Hotel 1977

Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down

Truckfighters – Live in London

The Tubes – The Musikladen Concert 1981

Nik Turner – Space Fusion Odyssey

Tusen År Under Jord – Sorgsendömet Fobos #TotW

TYA – Echoes

(nach oben)


Umphreys McGee – The London Session

Underkarl – Timetunnel 25

Unified Past – Shifting The Equilibrium

Universe Effects – In The Haze That Surrounds Us

Uriah Heep – Salisbury (Deluxe-Reissue)

(nach oben)


Steve Vai – Modern Primitive / Passion And Warfare 25th Anniv. Ed. #TotW

Steve Vai – Stillness In Motion

Van der Graaf Generator – Merlin Atmos

Various Artists – Kissing Sounds – There is more

Various Artists – Spheric Music – Silver

Various Artists – Tripwave 2

VAyL – Eclipse The Sun

Vecteur K – Incident Au Café

Vermillion Skye – Security Theater

Vidunder – Oracles And Prophets

VLY – I / [Time]

Voices from the Fuselage – Odyssey, Destroyer of Worlds

Vola – Inmazes

(nach oben)


Rick Wakeman – The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 2016

David Wallimann – Evolving Seeds Of Glory

Wang Wen – Sweet Home, Go!

Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast – Strange Hexes

Roger Waters – The Wall (Live, 3 LP)

Weites Luftmeer- iebenunddreißigachtundvierzig

John Wesley – a way you’ll never be

John Wetton – The Studio Recordings Anthology

John Wetton And The Les Paul’s Trio – New York Minute

White Willow – Future Hopes

Wight – Love Is Not Only What You Know

Damian Wilson – Built For Fighting

Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman – Weir Keeper’s Tale

Ray Wilson – Song For A Friend

Steven Wilson – 4 1/2

Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase. #TotW

Steven Wilson – Transience

Wingfield, Reuter, Stavi, Sirkis – The Stone House (Interview m. Markus Reuter)

The Winter Tree – Earth Below

Wonderland Band – Wonderland Band No. 1

(nach oben)


XaDu – Random Abstract

X-Panda – Reflections

(nach oben)


Yes – Progeny – Highlights From Seventy-Two

Yūgen – Death By Water

Tapio Ylinen – Nuoruus

La Yne – La Grande Illusion

Yuka & Chronoship – The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

(nach oben)


Frank Zappa – Meat Light / Chicago ’78 / Little Dots

Frank Zappa – Road Tapes Venue #3 / The Crux Of The Biscuit / Frank Zappa For President

Frank Zappa – Roxy The Movie

Zhaoze – Intoxicatingly Lost

Ziguri – onetwothreefour

Zip Tang – Private Shangri-La

Fabio Zuffanti + ZBand – Il Mondo Che Era Mio

Zoltan – Sixty Minute Zoom

Zone Six – Love Monster

Zu – Jhator

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